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Friday, October 29, 2010

Dee Perez-Scott: Vota Efforts

FACT: The same pro-amnesty criminals working in states like Washington to turn out pro-amnesty voters have been working to register illegalvoters all over the nation! In one Arizona congressional district, morethan 65% of the 3,000+ new voters registrations submitted by Mi FamiliaVota and One Arizona were found to be invalid – many of them to non-citizens. Nothing is more important in protecting the United States today thanprotecting the sanctity of our votes. Sadly, we are not just fightingcriminals from other nations. We are fighting our own president and very determined disloyal individuals in America who want to disenfranchise U.S.Citizens of their votes while enabling illegal aliens to register.


Anonymous said...

You and I both know that Dee doesn't give a damn about that. She claims to be a loyal American while advocating that we shouldn't have to show proof of citizenship so that illegals can vote. She and her traitorous comrades are going to go down in flames. It is only a matter of time now. That incudes, those anti-Americans in our government also. Patriotic Americans are fed up with all of this nonsense, illegal immigration, voter fraud, uncontrolled spending and debt, this push towards socialism and racial divide caused by special interest pandering.

Anonymous said...

Dee is yet again denying that their is a reconquist movement in this country. You and I both know that it does exist. No one is saying that it is on a grand scale or that all or even many Mexicans are up for that agenda but for her to claim that it doesn't exist period is a blatant lie. I hope that you address this with her.

Quote Dee:

"There is no such thing as Reconquista. All people want to do is achieve the American Dream".