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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Deeply Flawed DREAM Act Fails

The Senate failed to get the necessary 60 votes for debate cloture on the so-called DREAM Amnesty Act. This deeply flawed Act is dead for the current Congress. Some of the changes that would make it more palatable in the future are as follows:

1. Permanently prohibit DREAM students from sponsoring any other relatives for permanent residency, especially the parents who brought them here illegally in the first place.

2. Require a minimum four enlistment in the armed forces as a pre-condition for all applicants.

3. Provide for regular audits of applications to verify that they are not fraudulent.

4. Require at least three notarized documents proving that the applicant meets all the requirements of the Act.

5. Provide for severe penalties including immediate deportation without recourse for anyone who submits a fraudulent application.

6. Permanent residency automatically revoked for anyone who commits a felony or who has committed a felony before the application was submitted.

7. Require the parents of applicants to register as illegal aliens before an application can be accepted.

8. Make applicants ineligible for taxpayer-supported financial aid. Let La Raza fund their scholarsips.

9. Provide for full enforcement of the above provisions. To the extent they are not, the program becomes null and void.

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Anonymous said...

What a victory for "real" Americans! Of course Dee is over in her hate filled blog crying in her beer. Now she claims that not passing the Dream Act is anti-latino! Can you believe that? Since when are all illegals Latinos? She is such an ethnocentric, racist that all she cares about is her ethnic kind. She doesn't give a damn about what is good for this country or its laws. She only wants her dream of a Hispanic Utopia to come true via illegal immigration and today her anti-American dream fell apart. I am more thrilled about that anything else.