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Monday, December 20, 2010

Lame Duck Demos and RINOS Fail

December18,2010, in a procedural vote requiring 60 votes to advance the legislation, the U.S. Senate voted for the DREAM Act by a 55-41 margin, effectively defeating a deeply flawed bill fraught with loopholes and opportunities for fraud. Once again, against all odds, the American people have prevailed to repeat in a loud voice, “We don’t reward illegal behavior. We will continue to do everything we can to discourage other illegal alien parents from dragging their children across the border in violation of U.S immigration laws.”
In a last gasp attempt to ram the DREAM Act through the Congress, the lame duck Democrats and a handful of RINOs failed once again. The American people need to take note of those who voted for the DREAM Act and make sure they never again grace the halls of Congress. Americans should remember those who voted against debate cloture for their courage and make sure they are re-elected again and again. We must support every one of the senators who voted against cloture.
Many in the House will be gone when the new Congress takes its seat in the New Year. Any vote on amnesty bills like this will not even be close in the next session. Although the majority of the Congress favored the DREAM Act this time, the “yes” votes were cast mostly by those who were repudiated in record numbers during the last election.
There is nothing to substantiate the claim that the best and the brightest of the Latino community are being denied an education or the opportunity to serve their own countries in Latin America. By all indications, those countries could use a great deal of help from their displaced and talented youth who may have learned something about what it takes to make a great country during their illegal stay in America. Why aren’t those countries offering full scholarships to the best and the brightest among the illegals so they can return to earn a degree in Mexico City or elsewhere in Latin America? Their DREAMS can come true in their homelands. When their homelands will not accept that obligation, why is America expected to do so?

The Hispanic community in this country, on that issue is behaving unconscionably. It's behaving traitorously. It is behaving counter to its own enlightened best interests. They are encouraging a devolution of America into Mexico Norte. If that would be a good thing, why are so many streaming across the border from the South
If Hispanics are really serious about helping these illegal aliens, they should be advocating for closing the loopholes and including significant protections against fraud in the bill. Here are a few of the many improvements that are needed in a new narrowly drawn bill to enable more favorable consideration:
1. Permanently prohibit DREAM students from sponsoring any other relatives for permanent residency, especially the parents who brought them here illegally in the first place.

2. Require a minimum four year enlistment in the armed forces as a pre-condition for all applicants. College can come later as it did for many WWII and Korean War Vets.

3. Provide for regular audits to ascertain whether fraudulent applications and/or other documentation are being presented and accepted.

4. Require at least four notarized documents, under penalty of perjury, proving that the applicant meets all the requirements of the Act to include a transcript of grades and the results of an IQ test. All applicants must be fingerprinted, photographed and DNAed to weed out criminals.

5. Provide for severe penalties including immediate deportation without recourse for anyone who submits a fraudulent application.

6. Permanent residency automatically revoked for anyone who commits a felony or who has committed a felony before the application was submitted.

7. Require the parents of applicants to register as illegal aliens before an application can be accepted.

8. Make applicants ineligible for taxpayer-supported financial aid. Let La Raza provide a fund for “best and brightest” scholarships.

9. Provide for full enforcement of the above provisions. To the extent they are not, the program becomes null and void and automatically sunsets.
10. Reduce the legal immigration quotas from Latin America by the number of DREAM students whose applications are accepted.

Where do we go from here? We will consolidate our gains. We will continue to educate the American people of the grave threat of Mexico Norte to their national character, sovereignty,culture, language, ideals, government, economy, taxes, degree of poverty, medical care costs, Medicaid and Medicare and the rule of law. We will continue to build an ever more powerful anti-illegal, rule of law movement. We will continue to speak up and speak out for secure borders, e-verification, and expeditious repatriation of illegal aliens. We will not permit America to become Mexico Norte with all of the ills of the original – joblessness, poverty, disease, oligarchy, lawlessness, drug lords, smugglers and other criminals. We will get stronger every day. We have won this battle against all odds and now it is up to us to win the war by consolidating our gains and making sure the word amnesty is never again mentioned for the illegal aliens. The greatest injustice is the violation of our borders without sure and immediate justice in the form of expulsion. The parents demonstrated their cowardice by invading another sovereign nation, sneaking across the border to have their anchor babies, and so-called DREAM students. We cannot and will not reward them for that behavior. We will not negotiate with illegal aliens.


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I'm surprised she hasn't posted here but then again, she wouldn't be in control and that doesn't suit her. My comments on her blog are sometimes not published at all.

Anonymous said...

You hit the nail on the head, Jools. Dee won't post in here because she wouldn't be in control. Many of my comments don't get posted in her blog either. Too much truth for her and exposing her numerous lies. Then she lies again and claims profanity was used when I never used any. She should know better than to think all Anonymous posters are the same person but then that gives her an excuse to not post the civil Anonymouse's remarks either when the truth about her is exposed.

She is nothing but a cowardly, ethnocentric liar. I wonder how her white husband can stand her since she hates all white people who want our immigration laws enforced and wants to turn this nation into a Hispanic one via illegal immigration. She must have him brainwashed good or he is one of those self-hating, guilt ridden, liberal whites. What a wuss he must be! Maybe they deserve each other.