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Friday, December 31, 2010

My Wish List for 2011

For Obama to stop pursuing his agenda through regulation because he and the Democratic leadership can't have what they want through legislation. This is neither compromise nor democratic.

For Dee to stop supporting illegal aliens and begin supporting her fellow citizens.

For English to be enacted as the Official Language of the U.S. to be used for all government proceedings and publications.

For a true fluency in English requirement for citizenship -- eliminating the need for multi-lingual ballots.

For continued improvement in the economy.

For the incoming crop of TEA Party-backed GOP freshmen in Congress to act on the principles that elected them.

For Obama to recognize the significance of the last election and work with the new members of Congress to actualize the wishes of the voting public.

For a regular policy review to determine if our presence in Afghanistan is achieving its objectives.

For Congress to do an extensive re-write of Obamacare to eliminate extraneous provisions, improve cost controls, require extensive documentation to prove eligibility, and weed out illegal aliens.

For an end to sanctuary cities.

For austerity measures and a balanced budget amendment for all 50 states and the federal government.

For President Obama to: (1)declare that the Guantanamo detention center will remain open and, (2) put accused terrorists on trial before military tribunals.

For a gross simplification of the tax code so that every taxpayer is able to prepare his or her own tax return without assistance.

For construction of new mosques in the United States to be suspended until the Muslims renounce Sharia Law as it conflicts with human rights, the U.S. Constitution and related laws.

For performance-based school funding and teachers salaries.

For Congress to buck progressive and liberal orthodoxy to do the right thing.

For a GOP-sponsored complete rewrite of the deeply flawed DREAM Act to: (1) require a 4 year enlistment in the armed forces as the minimum eligibility requirement; (2) notwithstanding other provisions of law to permanently bar applicants from sponsoring others for residency or citizenship; (3) provide severe penalties for fraud; (4) insist on 4 forms of notarized documentation to support an applicant’s eligibility; (5) provide for regular audits to identify fraudulent applications; (6) provide funds for enforcement; (7) narrowly define eligibility to those who were less than 16 years old when they were brought here illegally with a cutoff date of the date of introduction of the first previous DREAM Act; and (8) limit the application period to no more than six months on a one time basis.

For true immigration reform to: (1) reduce legal immigration to no more than 200,000 annually focused on those who are most likely to help the U.S. remain competitive in the global economy; (2) eliminate chain immigrations except for the minor children and spouses of citizens; (3) deny birthright citizenship to the children of illegal aliens, tourists, temporary migrant farm workers, and other visitors; (4) adopt Arizona’s SB 1070 as the norm for state enforcement in all 50 states; (5) identify, apprehend, detain and deport illegal aliens using mandatory E-Verify as the primary tool; (6) compensate detention center operators on the basis of throughput rather than detainee days; (7) enforce high standards for detention centers; (8) classify all deportations, including self-deportations, as “involuntary” with stiff jail sentences for repeat offenders; and (8) buttress improvements in staffing, infrastructure, and the rules of engagement at the border with vigorous and continuous internal enforcement

For a “Wanted Dead or Alive” approach to drug lords and members of drug cartels.

For a new Official Secrets Act patterned after Great Britain’s.

For a reduction in the national debt to no more than 30% of GDP and a balanced budget by freezing all government spending at the 2008 level.

For high tax rates on the super rich but not on their legitimate businesses except for investment bankers and hedge fund managers.

For a removal of the ceiling on social security taxable earnings while maintaining the current benefit maximum as adjusted annually for inflation.

For an end to all foreign aid until the national debt is no more than 30% of GDP.

For a restoration of the value of the dollar and its status as the world currency.

For a return of manufacturing jobs to the U.S. by providing business incentives.

For an end to tax-exempt status for foundations that spend any of their funds outside of the U.S.

For an elimination of all foreign aid and contributions to the UN.

For a repeal of NAFTA.

For an end to the talk about a North American Union.

For tractor trailers unhitched at the border and re-hitched to American tractors.

For a gross reduction in cross-border pedestrian and vehicular traffic. If you work in the U.S. and you are a citizen of the U.S. you must live here and pay taxes here. No cross-border work commutes.

For an end to busing foreign children to American schools. Schools and hospitals must verify the citizenship of thosethey admit.

For a series of triage and obstetric hospitals south and north of the borders with construction jointly funded by the U.S. and its neighbors but with staffing operating funding to be provided by the countries in which the hospitals are located.

For illegal aliens who are in need of medicare to be transported to one of the above hospitals as soon as their conditions have been stabilized.

For bi-lateral negotiations to enable cross-border hot pursuit of gun and drug runners and dealers and the use of lethal force if they open fire or fail to stop as ordered.

For a new alien and sedition act that makes all forms of support of illegal aliens acts of gross disloyalty subject to such penalties as the law provides.


Carlos said...

Wonderful wishes ultima! I would like to see them all come true. Can I add one to your list?

That dee perez scott sees the light and starts thinking and acting like a true American.

Anonymous said...

Here is Dee's wish list for 2011 and her lies and ridiculous statements associated with them.

1. "We need to accept each other as we are" WTH? When has she ever accepted those others who disagree with her as they are? No, all they get are insults from her.

2. "We are a land of immigrants" No, we are not anymore. We are a nation of Americans who way outnumber and immigrant population.

3. "Stop the demonization of Latinos"
Who is demonizing Latino citizens? Anything said about Latino illegals is the truth and we don't claim that they are the only illegals here and that they are not breaking those same laws (her usual victim mentality for her ethnic group is at play once again here).

4. Calls changing the birthright citizenship loony (and of course in her ethnocentric mind it would only affect Latinos).

5. Repeats her constant lies about racially profiling in the AZ law.

6. "We can stop the xenophobic "Official English" bill -- wishing to restrict Spanish from being used throughout the nation" What whopping lie this is. There is nothing xenophobic about having an official language, many countries do. Most Hispanic countries have Spanish as their official language but I guess that's all right with Dee the hypocrite! Restricting Spanish from being used throughout the nation???? What a baldfaced lie that is!

What a bald faced lie that is.

Anonymous said...

Dee's lies continued:

7. "Congressmen and activists consumed by hate for our president and Latinos" Unbelievable, isn't it? To be opposed to Obama policies and opposed to illegal immigration equates to hate for our president and Latinos?

8. "We are evolving into a multi-culteral country" Uh, no we aren't. Our country has its own dominant culture with minority cultures living among us. Her idea of being multi-cultural is Hispanics becoming the dominant culture via illegal immigration. It isn't diversity she seeks but Hispanic dominance because she hates white America.

9. Illegals are being forced to be drug mules. Uh, last I checked we were all born with a conscience and can choose between right and wrong. Poor little victim, illegals!

10. She will continue to tell the truth in her blog. ( I nearlly choked on my coffee on that one)! What a baldfaced lie again. She lies, exaggerated, spins other's words, hurls insults, etc. She really needs to seek some psychiatric help in the New Year. That should be her pledge.

Carlos said...

I agree anon! dee perez scott has a misguided conception of what it means to love one's own country. She has put her ethnic interests above loyalty to her own country. So sad-so sad.

Anonymous said...

Agreed Carlos, but why does she feel the need to lie, exaggerate,insult and twist the truth in her blog? Why does that have to go hand in hand with her ethnocentrism? Why can't she just be honest and civil in her blog while still expressing her views? Why is that necessary?

Why does she hate whites and conservative Republicans so much? One can agree to disagree without being insulting and racist unless you are Dee I guess.

I can't imagine having no conscience about anything. There is an empty dark hole where her heart should be.