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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Criminals Take Over in Ajo to Casa Grande

Subject: INVASION FROM MEXICO INTO AZ, including Indian Reservation.

"I've worked this area while detailed to the Ajo and Casa Grande BP stations. It is a literal no-mans land. The smugglers had already taken over much of the area back in 2006 and 2007. Today it is more dangerous and we have literally ceded much of the area to the criminals that run through these places everyday.
I've seen the panties on the trees. Encountered a mother who left her baby in a tree so the wolves wouldn't dig it up. (It was being feasted on by vultures instead.) This will not be solved by Napolitano, Holder, et al. They continue to live in the fantasy land that "the border is safer than ever" and will continue to do so. This idea of citizens taking charge of the situation scares the Government to death and fully embodies the spirit of the Second Amendment.
I'm so sick of the shallow thinking on this issue by our elected leaders it makes my head ache to talk to anyone about it. Law and order. Our foundation. Something we better come to understand in this country and re-embrace very soon."

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