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Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Gifford Shooting - Dee Perez-Scott, Radical

Dee takes advantage of the shooting of Congresswoman Gifford of Arizona to point the finger at the Right while refusing to admit that the harsh rhetoric she uses on her blog also contributes to an atmosphere that may prompt the unhinged to take matters into their own hands.

The ABC TV show "This Week", if it made any point about the shooting, it was that the rhetoric needs to be toned down and the discourse needs to be more civil. Dee has lost sight of the civil discussion part of the her blog's mission. She misinterprets the issues and inflames the public and her readers with her name-calling and unbalanced blogs. She continues to distort everything said by the Center and the Right to fit her disloyal ethnocentric agenda. She is an American in name only. Her actions and her rhetoric say otherwise. She talks and writes like a radical Mexican national. If we really recognized that we are in an immigration war and a war on terror and applied all the rules of war, she would be in a detention camp somewhere along with other overt disloyalists.

Speaking of those who are unhinged, one could easily apply that term to Dee since she is unable to see any viewpoint other than her own. This lack of balance, empathy and understanding of the opposition's point of view is ample evidence that she is unbalanced or close to being unhinged like the shooter in Arizona. What will she do next?


Anonymous said...

Excellent insight into Dee's psychic, Ultima. Unfortunately, she is so far gone and she will never see the light and continue to keep the hate and lies going.

Carlos said...

I have try to post so many arguments on dee's blog but she never lets them be shown on her blog. I constantly encourage her to post here so there can be a lively debate. She is afraid of not being in control. She does stir up alot of hate and I I am still trying to understand how this woman can be for real. She evidently hates the U.S. but she marries a non-hispanic. She compares herself to "That Girl" but she is nothing like the character that Marlo Thomas played on the tv show. She is a real "head case" and doesn't think or behave like a citizen of the U.S. who loves their country.
So sad! So sad!

Anonymous said...

Here is Dee's latest lies and spin about this incident if you haven't read them already in response to an anonymous poster, Ultima. Most lefties have dropped the accusations that this kook was influence by the teaparty or any right wing extremists by now but not Dee. She is so seething with hatred of the right that she is determined to blame them for this incident in spite of the facts that have come to light. Yet the title of the topic she commented this under was titled "Stop the hate, violence and rhetoric". Isn't that what she is inciting by her continued demonization of the righ? What a hypocrite!

Quote Dee:

"They are SILENT now, now that their heated political rhetoric caused a demented young man to react when he sought fame while attacking and murdering such a talented group of individuals attending Congresswoman Giffords neighborhood meeting.

Yes. The Kook, the Monster who committed these heinous crimes, seeking attention, did seek out the rhetoric from the Right when seeking his claim to fame."

"As Palin said, "This is NOT a time to retreat. It is a time to RELOAD." It is absolutely Horrible that this demented young monster listened to all of the hate filled rhetoric!"

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the work you have put into this article, it helps clear away a few questions I had.