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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Dee Perez-Scott Recommends

Tone Down the Rhetoric! Stop the Violence! Stop the Hate!

Dee Perez-Scott provides the above advice on her blog but she has ignored those good ideas for so long that one has to doubt her sincerity and willingness to do her part by stopping the inflamatory name-calling and frequent inappropriate use of the word "hate" for everything she disagrees with.

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Anonymous said...

No kidding, Ultima. Dee is such a hypocrite. She says tone down the rhetoric and the hate speech and yet she called Gov. Brewer a witch (La Bruja) many times. She called Rep. Steve King a loony tunes. Those are only two examples of her own hate speech that she uses frequently in her blog. There are many others and you know that also. Not to mention the hate speech she has used against yourself and others whose remarks she posted that are not in line with her views. What a mentally disturbed individual she is.