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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dee Perez-Scott Chortles Insanely

Dee Perez-Scott chortles because a “survey of Latino citizen voter indicates they hold widely negative views of the Republican Party. The results of the poll were not a surprise to anyone. Latinos have long been uninformed about their own long term self interest. Like other misguided Democrats, Latino citizen voters simply believe in “tax and spend” as a solution to everyone’s’ problems so that as many citizens as possible become dependent on government largesse rather than the products of their own labor.

Dee reports that “Republicans do not understand that the most important issues for Latino Voters are Jobs and the Economy; then Education; then Taxes & Government Spending.” That is one of stupidest statements I have ever read. “Jobs and the economy” have been at the top of the list of priorities for both parties throughout the last election. The question has always been how to achieve those priorities by more government spending or by putting our financial house in order before the world calls in our debt. This is one of the problems of surveys. If the depth of knowledge of the respondent is low or extremely low, the results are will be garbage. How can a survey of Latino citizen voters determine what Republicans think are the most important issues? Wouldn’t it make more sense to ask the Republicans? This survey is a joke.

Dee Perez-Scott cites from the survey several major concerns Latinos have about Republicans include:
a. Republicans favor the rich/wealthy. This is an old manufacture of the Democrat propaganda machine. Informed voters would notice that no proof is offered. If this is true, one would have to wonder why billionaires like Gates, Soros and Buffet are Democrats. The majority of Republicans are not rich or wealthy.
b. Republicans are selfish and are out for themselves. This is another common misconception. To begin with, everyone is out for themselves first. This applies especially to politicians.
c. Republicans have a negative immigration agenda and do not represent the average person. Republicans have a positive immigration agenda and clearly represent the majority of the American people. It is an agenda that will help America rather than add to its problems. Their immigration agenda is to enforce the law, secure the borders, reduce the number of legal and illegal immigrants to a level consistent with a stable population, and focus the quota on the highly skilled people America needs. Latinos obviously are ignorant or uninformed when it comes to these matters or they would see that the Republican Party is perfect fit for them.


Anonymous said...

Dee IS insane...bottom line.

Anonymous said...

Dee is lying and flipping her lid again with her victim mentality BS in her latest topic about a 4 year old Guatamalan girl (born here) that was sent back to Guatamala with her grandfather at the airport because her parents refused to pick her because they were illegal aliens and were afraid of being deported. They were given other options as to what to do with their daughter and THEY chose to have her sent back to Guatamala with her grandfather yet Dee is claiming she was deported and that is a flat out lie because one of the parent's options was to put her in child care custody here in the states but they chose to send her back to Guatamala with her grandfather.

Please blog about this. It is just yet another lie and spin by Dee. Now she is claiming the girl was deported because of her skin color. If that's true then why hasn't Obama's aunt been deported?

Dee gets more sickening, racist and ethnocentric each day.

Anonymous said...

Now the idiot Dee is claiming that ICE only deports based on skin color. She smears every LE agency involved with illegal immigration enforcement and she calls herself a "loyal" American?