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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dee Perez-Scott Smears Arizona Governor Jan Brewer and the Republican Party – Again!

We have previously commented on the excesses of some unions that have caused several states to be on the brink of insolvency. One of the biggest drains on state budgets in addition to the sweetheart contracts with public sector workers is Medicaid. Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer, like other governors faced with major budget deficits, is following their lead by proposing to drop Medicaid coverage for 250,000 people who have middle class incomes. Dee Perez-Scott claims that Brewer has extended tax cuts to “Rich Big Business” but she neither provides any details about those tax cuts nor bothers to mention their legitimate purpose of stimulating the local economy to create jobs. As I mentioned in a previous blog, it will be interesting to see what Dee has to say when Obama does the same thing, granting tax breaks to businesses so they can create more jobs. She will, of course, see that as a horse of a different color. She has never been able to see any point of view except her own. That is a serious and debilitating shortcoming.
Had the Administration backed SB1070 instead of opposing it, perhaps the attrition of illegals would have achieved the same level of Medicaid reductions the Governor proposes. So who is really at fault here? I suspect those like Dee Perez-Scott who are in favor of every form of welfare, like most bleeding-heart liberals, and who support the illegal aliens in our country who drain off countless millions from programs like Medicaid. She sees nothing wrong with a productivity- robbing, cradle to the grave welfare state. Some of us have to be more sensible and reflect on what made our country great: industriousness, personal responsibility, and self-reliance. Dee would drain the states’ treasuries and then lay on more taxes in the tax-and-spend mode typical of the democrats. Others have to deal with the real world and begin to cut back on the things that were never part of our beginnings as a nation.
Dee Perez-Scott, of course, never indicates how much more she would be willing to pay to in taxes to fund Medicaid for the medically indigent and the illegal aliens who pop into Parkland Hospital in Dallas in large numbers to drop their instant citizen babies at taxpayer expense. Since Dee Perez-Scott doesn't understand the Republican agenda, I have repeated it here:

The Republican Agenda is:
. Reduce spending to save our country from financial ruin.
. Rein in the Unions that have brought states to the brink of bankruptcy.
. Restore the concept of personal responsibility to everyone.
.Enable businesses to create new jobs by reducing their taxes and making them more competitive.
. Combat the creeping socialism of President Obama and defeat his Alinskyite blueprint for America


Anonymous said...

Dee's agenda goes much deeper than advocating for the socialistic policies of the Democrats and bleeding heart liberals. Her bottom line agenda is to fill this country up with Hispanics via illegal immigration. It matters not to her if they are bleeding this country dry or any other negatives of uncontrolled population growth via illegal immigration. Once (or if) her ethnic group has reached majority in this country she will have accomplished her anti-American, ethnocentric, racist goal.

Anonymous said...

I meant to add that anyone who gets in the way of Dee's ethnocentric goal such as Brewer and/or the Republican party she will demonize constantly regardless that many of their ideas are in the best interests of this country as a whole. She is that hell bent on Hispanicizing this country regardless of the consequences.