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Friday, March 4, 2011

Dee Perez-Scott echos John Morton

John Morton who heads Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) stated the obvious when he said “With regard to the border, there’s a difference between the border being sealed and the border being secure.” But he went off the trolley when he went on to say, “Crime is a part of life here in the United States and other countries. The beauty of our country is we have a very strong system of the rule of law.” No one thinks the U.S. or any other country is crime free but he doesn’t seem to realize that illegal aliens and their supporters, like Dee Perez-Scott, regularly denigrate the rule of law. If we had a strong system of the rule of law, ICE would not be focusing solely on drug and weapons trafficking but would be a strong advocate for vigorous and continuous internal enforcement based on E-verification to deny illegal aliens the opportunity for employment that brings them here. There may be more Border Patrol and ICE agents but they are not getting the job done because they are hamstrung by the rules of engagement and the policy directives from above.
Morton said, “The border is as secure as I’ve ever seen it in 20 years in law enforcement.” That’s almost laughable. If it was secure, we would not have 12-20 million illegal aliens in this country with more coming in every day. Our borders can never be secure until we identify, detain, and quickly and involuntarily repatriate illegal aliens with the admonition that if they return they will do hard time, two years for the first repeat offense, five for the next, and ten for the third. They say immigration courts are clogged with cases. There is a simple solution to that problem: issue a rigid set of criteria for immigration decisions, swear in justices of the peace to handle all but the most difficult political asylum cases, and require the immigration decision to be made within 24 hours with only a week for an appeal.
Some say there are too many illegal aliens to even consider such a major and costly effort. That is total nonsense. The aliens are better off now than they were when they came here so they and their employers can certainly pay their way back to their homelands. Eight million ethnic Germans were relocated back to the German heartland from the eastern territories in less than a year in 1945-6 using a transportation system heavily damaged during the war. What is lacking is the political will on the part of the Obama administration. To say that they believe in the rule of law is a joke as long as they leave millions of illegals roaming the streets in America.
One commenter said, “What planet did this moron (Morton) come from! "Read Texas Farmers Under Attack at the Border" miles and miles of open border with no fencing!
Another added, “My son was a member of Customs and then was with ICE when Homeland was formed. He can tell some horror stories about what was/is going on at the border. He is no longer with ICE.”
A third said, “I would like to see just how many times this guy has ever been to the border. He's too busy in Washington trying to do the Obama spin that he doesn't have a clue what is going on down here. I live in Texas and immigration is an issue. My daughters have had terrible times trying to get jobs and when they do the wages are horrible because of immigration. If you could see the emergency rooms at all the hospitals it looks like you’re in a third world country. The schools are even worse. No wonder America is broke.”
“Considering that we've had virtually ZERO border security for the past 20 years, it isn't really a consolation to know that we a tiny bit now.”

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