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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Dee Perez-Scott is small minded and parsimonious in praise of the Bin Laden success

Dee Perez-Scott thinks she understands Iraq, Bin Laden’s safe house in Pakistan, and so much more. The news media have reported that the Bin Laden mission was years in the making and that its ultimate success was the result of the relentless efforts made under the direction of several presidents following various terrorist incidents around the world. She is amazed by the pictures where Bin Laden was found. She apparently believes that such an obvious location should have been discovered by Clinton, Bush, and Obama before now. She doesn’t understand how difficult it was to piece together bits and pieces of intelligence to finally pin down bin Laden’s location, especially if Pakistan was supporting him all the while. Also, Pakistan has never authorized operations on its soil and is now taking umbrage that this event occurred without its prior consent. Bin Laden probably felt quite safe there because the U.S. efforts to find him were rebuffed by Pakistan even when a strong suggestion was made by Secretary Clinton that they could locate him in a heartbeat if they wanted to. In the final analysis, the assessment was that there was only a 60% chance that Bin Laden was actually there.
Dee Perez-Scott asks why did we ever go to Iraq, suggesting that if we hadn’t we would have found Bin Laden much sooner. She asks further why did Bush have a war there for so many years? Why were so many lives lost?

Little publicity was given by the liberal media to that portion of the Wiki leaks releases last year that indicated there were

in Iraq


All Dee Perez-Scott was able to say is, “Thank God for President Obama! Thank God for our Special Forces. They swooped in so quickly and served Justice so quickly." She could have been a little more generous, as Obama himself was, in recognizing the efforts of his predecessors and the intelligence analysts and CIA agents who pieced together the picture that enabled him to make the right decision. Instead she found it necessary to dump on the Iraq War and President Bush.

Dee Perez-Scott said, “It's over now! The only good thing -- we are unifying as a nation, ALL supporting our President! Let the Peace and the Allegiance last, at least for a few days! Let's join together as a nation and support our troops and our President!” Had she been a little less carping and more generous in her praise of others she might have, in her small way, actually contributed to the unification of our nation. She could have contributed even more by remembering and admitting her own warped sense of allegiance.


Anonymous said...

What allegiance? dee has no allegiance at least not to the U.S.A.

Anonymous said...

The only allegiance that Dee has is to her own ethnic kind even if they are here illegally in violation of our immigration laws.