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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Moral Acceptability by Party

Percentage saying each item is "morally acceptable":

Adultery GOP 3% Dems 6%
Polygamy GOP 4% Dems 7%
Abortion GOP 29% Dems 51%
Suicide GOP 9% Dems 15%
Cloning Humans GOP 8% Dems 9%
Having a baby outside marriage GOP 42% Dems 63%
Divorce GOP 56% Dems 77%


Dee said...

Why is it then that the GOP and the Christian Right have the worst scandals? (e.g. Craig, Foley, Haggerty, Swaggart, etc ). Does this just mean the GOP answers the surveys more conservatively?

Dee said...

Ted Haggerty

ultima said...

I answered that comment in more detail via email so suffice it to say that everyone is free to answer surveys in any way that serves their purpose if they choose to do so rather than being truthful. I doubt that the GOP respondents are any less truthful than any others. In fact, many conservatives would be quite proud of their moral position on these matters. Unlike some others who quickly abandon their moral positions to support their political leanings, as in the case of gay marriage, abortion, and birth control on which their churches have a doctrinal moral position.

For every Craig there is, there is a Barney Frank. The only difference is one is in the closet the other is not. One who lives in a glass house should not be the first to cast a stone -- Haggerty and Swaggart may be weak or even morally corrupt but their behaviors pale in significance to those of the pedophile priest who have ruined so many lives and cost the catholic church dearly in terms of treasure and credibility.

I believe the positions reflected in the survey fairly represent the principles of the parties involved. The results are what I would have expected based on my limited knowledge of both parties and their positions on things like abortion and gay marriage.

ultima said...

What is your position on each of these? Do you agree with the conservatives or not?