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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Ultra Left Wingers

The America that Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi want is vastly different from the one most of us believe in. Today's Democrat Party is run lock, stock and barrel by these left wing extremists. Their Socialist agenda should be cause for concern for all of us who have rejected Socialism time and time again. Obama knows this and you will see him moving toward the center during the campaign -- anything to get elected. Don't be fooled! Only the most gullible will fail to realize that this is just campaign rhetoric and has nothing to do with his real plans.

One expert has suggested that Obama's plans will drive the annual deficit up to $1 trillion from the present $500 billion. No wonder some are calling him "Trillion Dollar Obama".

We need a president and a congress that will fight tooth and nail for principles and values like...

Protecting the lives of unborn children; lowering the amount of taxes we pay and eliminating the big government give away programs that are bankrupting our futures; cutting intrusive government regulations that are suffocating America's small businesses; restoring the value of the dollar; investing in domestic energy sources as we develop alternative ways of powering America; fighting for the right to keep and bear arms; working overtime to make sure America never turns over one ounce of its sovereignty to the corrupt and Socialist United Nations; and stopping illegal aliens from entering our country once and for all. This is a tall order, one that is well beyond the capabilities of Trillion Dollar Obama.


Lupita said...

Obama a socialist?!


ultima said...

Okay, so we are back to defining Socialism. Perhaps you don't call his health care plan Socialized medicine.

Perhaps you are unaware that he is the mot liberal member of the senate. That must put him very close to being a Socialist.

His wealth redistribution plans certainly smack of Socialism. The difference between the rich and the poor in Europe's socialist countries is much less than it is in the U.S.. Moving in that direction must count for something.

Now that the laughter as abated, explain why you think otherwise.

ultima said...

Send photo. Are you paranoid? What's with the hidden email address? Do you really think anyone would do you harm other than the run of the mill street hoodlums? You must think you are back in old Mexico, especially Juarez or Guadalajara.

ultima said...

You'll notice that I have come out of the closet. Join me!

ultima said...

The US Communist Party newspaper, Peoples' Weekly World, regularly prints articles praising Obama as the "new beacon of Socialism" in America.