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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Where are the poor in America?

Government data reveal that America's poor are not without modern conveniences:

Own home 46%
Car/truck 73%
2 Cars/trucks 31%
A/C 80%
Fridge 99%
Washer 64%
Dryer 57%
Microwave 89%
Color TV 97%
2 Color TVs 55%
Telephone 91%
Computer 36%
VCR/DVD Player 78%
Stereo 59%
Cable/Satellite TV 63%
Large Screen TV 25%


Diogenes said...

This isn't a knock on what you're posting, but where is this all coming from? What poll? What was the margin of error? What questions were asked, of whom, and what were the answers? You're offering your conclusions on data you reviewed but your readers haven't even glimpsed.

ultima said...

I don't have much in the way of details but the sources include: The Heritage Foundation, U.S. Census Bureau, and U.S. Department of Energy, Energy Information Administration. I don't know what questions were asked but I do know the Census Bureau is getting pretty nosy about such things. I will see if I can find more regarding the data and the margin of error.

I offered no conclusions just the data as I saw them. We often have to rely on data someone else has digested or surveyed without all the details but I will see what I can do. If I were to offer a conclusion perhaps it would be that maybe without these luxuries more folks could afford health care insurance. I know none of them are cheap. As a youth I enjoyed none of them, just a radio that performed poorly in the evenings when we most wanted to listen. We had an icebox, an outdoor john, no health insurance, no car, no telephone, etc -- much easier to live on one's income under those circumstance.

Lupita said...

Alienation 30%
Monolinguism 99%
Drug addiction 11%
Consumerism 98%
Obesity 35%
Indebtedness 89%
Ultra-right wingism 100%
Imperialism 100%

Lupita said...

Hmm... Did you block me from your approved poster list? What did I do to deserve that?

ultima said...

No, I would never shut you out, Lupita. Your comments are always sharp but rarely insulting. When are you going to come out of the closet?

ultima said...

I wonder about the relevance of monolinguism, imperialism, and ultra rightwingism. There are probably many countries where monolinguism has no bearing whatsoever. And there are others where multi-linguism is a major burden and often one of the causes of strife.

Ultra rightwingism must apply to skinheads, Nazis,and their ilk. It does not apply to the average conservative voter.

Lupita said...

Come out of the closet? Now, what could that mean?

As to monolinguism, I do not mean different regions of a country each speaking a different language, but individuals - including diplomats, state department officials, multinational CEOs, and military occupiers - not being able to speak at least one other language. A real deficiency for country that purports to rule the world.

Ultra rightwingism can safely be applied to Obama - an imperialist just like McCain - and 85% of the American public who patriotically waved their flag in support of the destruction of a country that posed no threat.

ultima said...

It means give us (me)a real email address, just as I have provided one on this site.

I suspect the Iraqi War was about oil from the git go. Didn't pan out very well for us as the price has now skyrocketed. Never was a very good strategy in the first place. Now we are largely emasculated as Iran touts a nuclear program and the ability to destroy Israel if some real radical gets into power. How much meaningful our threats would have been to the Iranians if we were not already up to our earlobes in two wars. The Afghanistan situation seems to be getting worse each day. I guess we learned nothing from the Soviet experience there, say nothing about the Brits.

How are things with you? Are you doing well in all your endeavors? A citizen yet?

Anonymous said...

I do not see any place where my email would go. I checked "Name/URL".

I am doing well, thank you. My vacations are almost over but I had a great time, I traveled a lot and visited family and friends.

It is really 3rd worldish here, terrible floods and blackouts, but I like it.

How have you been?

Lupita said...

Talk about being closeted. That anonymous was me.

ultima said...

Sorry, I thought my email address was posted here because I was receiving all the comments at that address, perhaps only because I had turned on the moderator button. I have now remove that and posted my email address.