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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dee Perez-Scott Breaks Wind

Dee Perez-Scott is continuing her campaign to call everything with which she disagrees evidnece of "hate". Her latest flatulence pollutes the internet with a unilateral declaration that murderer Shawna Forde committed a "hate" crime. She recognizes no difference between a drug money-related murder and a "hate" crime. It's sad that her vocabulary is so limited that she is reduced to using monosyllabic words for everything when the truth is always more nuanced. Here's her reaction to the Shawna Forde death sentence.

"Hopefully, this harsh sentence will deter others from even contemplating the thought of such vicious, vicious HATE Crimes!
We never want to see such HATE Crimes happen again!"

Sounds like hysteria, doesn't? If anglos were the victims, you can be sure her reaction, if any, would be muted. Reading her blog you would never guess that anyone other than Mexicans have been victimized by murders, mayhem or robbery. When was the last time she gave so much detailed attention and space to crimes committed by Mexican illegals? The answer is: it has never happened!


Anonymous said...

Another thing about the Forde murder incident is that one of her accomplices was a Mexican (most likely a citzen of the U.S. though) and he gets no mention by Dee of course. His name is Albert Gaxiola. It makes her claims that this was a hate crime even less credible. Here is what the wife of the killed man and daugher had to say.

"Gina Gonzalez identified two men, one "white," the other "MEXICAN," and a white woman as her attackers. Gonzales said it was the white man who had murdered her daughter and husband".

Anonymous said...

Albert Gaxiola (the Mexican accomplice to the Forde murders) goes on trial June 1st. Gee, do you think that Dee will cover it?

Anonymous said...

Your topic heading shoud read:

Dee Perez-Scott BLOWS wind! Cause that's all she does.