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Monday, February 7, 2011

Dee Perez-Scott Slides into Nonsense - Again!

Dee Perez-Scott, in another tirade against what she erroneously calls “Arizona’s 'Hate' Bill, SB1070”, crosses the line into nonsense yet again. Dee’s narrow, ethnocentric agenda makes her an icon of intolerance regarding every view that disagrees with hers. She is a heroine to every foreigner in our midst, every illegal alien, every border jumper, and every violator of immigration laws. She continues to have no regard for her fellow citizens or their wishes. Dee, the darling of the extreme left wing, has a lesion on the loyalty lobe of her brain. She likes to accuse the right of bigotry, nativism, xenophobia, racism and sundry other forms of what she mistakenly calls “hate”. She has never admitted the reasonableness of the many legitimate arguments against population growth, excessive legal immigration, illegal aliens, chain immigration, and instant citizenship for the children of illegal aliens, tourists, and temporary migrant workers. Instead she prefers to brand all those reasonable arguments as “hate”. In doing so, she demonstrates her own form of “hate” through her overt disdain for her fellow citizens and everything they stand for. She and her ilk will certainly be the downfall of the last great hope of mankind, the United States of America.


Anonymous said...

Totally agree, Ultima. I read her latest blog and she is calling sb1070 a "breathing while brown", racist law.

She constantly blurs the line between "brown" illegals and legals. Racial profiling is prohibited in 1070 but that doesn't stop her from lying about it anyway and playing her victim hard for Hispanics anyway. If I had my way I would see that all citizens with her disloyal mindset are deported and the illegals can stay in their place. We'd be much better off than living with the traitors among us such as Dee and her ilk.

Carlos said...

I posted on her blog, but gordita will not post it. Basically if you are for illegals-you are "good" people and if you are anti-illegal, you are "bad" people. She desperately needs a mental health professional and she doesn't even realize it. I can't believe she has children by an anglo. She needs to relocate south of the border and take her anti-American sentiment with her.