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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dee Perez-Scott:'s Favorite Movie, "Machete"

Dee Perez-Scott, thrilled by the gratuitous sex, unparalleled bloody violence, nudity and depravity and pro-illegal alien tilt of this terrible movie has established it as her favorite. It is basically very silly and a waste of some talented celebrities. It promotes the idea of a network which helps smuggle Mexicans across the border resulting in a violent pushback from those who understand it as a lawless invasion from the South. "Machete" bears some responsibility for Arizona’s new law that allows the state to fill the border enforcement vacuum as the federal government has failed again and again to use continuous and vigorous internal enforcement to send an unmistakable message to those who violate our borders.

"Machete" a loving homage to the B-movies (or should I day F-movies) that played in fleapit cinemas in the 70s, replete with oodles of violence, gore and unnecessary sex and nudity and that are totally lacking in any redeeming social qualities. The revolutionary rhetoric is at once cartoonish, revolting and disturbing, just the kind of thing that appeals to Dee Perez-Scott. "Machete" is just about incendiary enough to incite an all out border war around the current hot topic of immigration and is consistent with the theme on Dee Perez-Scott’s blog where she incites violence through her name-calling and drumbeat of support for illegal aliens rather than the wishes of her fellow citizens and the rule of law. Her views consistently are colored by her ethnocentric disloyalty to the United States. Her brand of compassion hurts all Americans.

"Machete" is a bullet-riddled, slice 'em up affront to civilized society. When sulking Machete is not manically decapitating people in droves, he detonates the battle around illegal aliens eventually inciting them to violence and laying the groundwork for events like the recent Gabby Giffords attempted assassination. The nonstop, multiple personality series of lunatic antics of a number of characters reminds one of Dee Perez-Scott’s devious, insulting, and violence promoting blog and the unbalanced personality behind it.

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Anonymous said...

Yet Dee smears any so-called violence by the right (even when there was none). What a hypocrite she is to enjoy a violent movie like this one when it certainly isn't being commited by the right.

"Gentle as a lamb grandmother"! Yeah, right! Everything you said about her is right on. I enjoy everyone of your exposes of her. I just hope someday that anti-American traitors like her will have to pay their dues.