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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Dee Perez-Scott: FDR warned us about public sector unions

If you aren't aware, FDR and George Meany held that unions had no place in the public sector. Wisconsin started that foolishness and now Wisconsin appears to be leading the way out. The problem is that government isn't management so negotiations are similar to a conspiracy where both sides decide how much to soak the taxpayer who isn't at the table. Secondly, in business the negotiation is how to split the profits. In the public sector there are no profits so guess what gets split. Yep, that's right, the taxpayer. It's strange why Democrat taxpayers don't see this reality.

My friend has been on both sides of the negotiating table. Union negotiations aren't give and take, they are how much is management willing to give. In public sector negotiations it isn't how much management is willing to give but how much the legislature is willing to soak the taxpayer. The unions cozy incestuous arrangement with the democrats, where the unions will work and donate to get them elected and they in turn give the unions a sweetheart contract is over and the unions haven't caught on to the new reality. I wonder why democrat voters haven't caught on yet? Those legislators are not working for the non-public-union democrat taxpayers, they are working for themselves and for the unions.

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