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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Dee Perez-Scott: Another reason to vote Republican in 2012

Dee Perez-Scott's frequently publishes stories about those ill-bred gringos who prey on unsuspecting Hispanics. Here's a different story that you will never see on her blog. For eleven years, Officer Sean Plymale risked his life to protect and defend the people of Fresno, California. And for that, President Obama's Justice Department has indicted Officer Plymale and seeks to send him to prison for 10 years. Why? Because Plymale helped to arrest a dangerous illegal alien who threatened to kill his girlfriend and her young son.

The incident occurred more than five years ago, on October 15,2006. Plymale responded to a desperate 911 phone call from a distraught young woman. For more than three months her ex-boyfriend -- and illegal alien by the name of Rolando Celdon -- had been stalking her. Now he was at her apartment, high on drugs, and trying to break down the door. As she and her little boy hid in the closet, Celoden screamed that he was going to kill them both.

Following a high priority call for help from the dispatcher, Plymale was the first to arrive on the scene. Celedon saw him and fled on his bicycle. Plymale released his K-9 police dog, Tymo, and ordered him to "bite and hold" Celedon.

Amazingly Celedon managed to climb a six-foot-high fence with Tymo holding on to his leg. Teh illegal alien dropped to the other side of the fence onto a large industrial parking lot. Plymale quickly scaled the fence as well and saw that Tymo was hurt. He hit Celedon in the face in an effort to subdue him. Unfortunately, the blow hurt the officer's hand more than it did Rolando. So the officer grabbed Tymo and retreated.

Fortunately, another officer, Christopher Coleman, arrived on the scene and ordered Celedon to surrender. Instead, Celedon kept moving his hand toward his waist band. Not sure if Celedon was armed, Officer Coleman applied a taser, which had no effect. By this time another officer, Paul Van Dalen, arrived with a non-lethal "bean bag" shotgun. A bean bag gun inflicts temporary pain, much like pepper spray. Coleman repeatedly ordered Celedon to show his hands in both English and Spanish. Still, Rolndo refused -- so Coleman fired the bean bag gun at him. Celedon was struck and the officer were able to drive him to the ground and handcuff him. Sergeant Michael Manfredi was the last officer on the scene and ordered an ambulance for Plymale and Celedon. Celedon was eventually convicted on violent felony charges. That should have been the end of the story.

Five years later the Justice Department, in an unprecedented travesty, indicted all of the officers on nine federal counts of violating Celedon's civil rights. Since when do the rights of illegal aliens trump the rights of citizens to be free from the threat of violence from them? This is justice turned upside down.

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