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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What does Dee Perez-Scott Believe?

Does she believe in: the wisdom and governing philosophy of the Founding Fathers; the inalienable rights of the individual; devotion to the Constitution; personal responsibility;live frugally, spend rationally and save fervently; thrift, independence and self-reliance; paying off the national debt; balancing the budget; repatriation of illegals; a stable population; preservation of our quality of life and standard of living; freedom; the rule of law?

Or does she believe in progressivism run amok; the expansion of AFDC to apply not just to widows but to any woman living alone with children to incentivize out of wedlock births and single motherhood; harmful behaviors; Lord Keynes as the Santa Claus fable raised to the dignity of economic doctrine;what would make a man poor would make a nation wealthy; spend baby, spend!; the more you spend the more you have; more taxes; more government to organize the life of the masses;hyper-elitist progressive social engineering; open borders; amnesty; no internal enforcement; no E-verify; a Latinized America; unlimited population growth; European-style, cradle to the grave welfare state; Aztlan; La Raza. MeChA, etc.

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Anonymous said...

You last sentence is exactly what Dee wants.