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Friday, June 10, 2011

Dee Perez-Scott: Disloyal Amnesty Enthusiast

Stop Obama's Left Wing Amnesty Scheme
Stand with BAN Amnesty Now

Dee Perez-Scott, when it comes to issues like AMNESTY and BORDER SECURITY, there are no gray areas – there are only right and wrong. And President Obama and his pro-Amnesty establishment in Washington are working very hard to take America in the wrong direction. Tragically, more than 9,000 Americans are killed every year by illegal aliens. That’s three times as many as were killed in the 9/11 terrorist attacks and yet we have spent trillions of dollars on fruitless wars to avenge 9/11 but relatively much smaller amounts on protecting our sovereignty and securing our borders. While improvements in border staffing, infrastructure, and the rules of engagement are important, the sine qua non of in depth border security is the mandatory implementation of E-verify across the board coupled with continuous, vigorous internal enforcement. These obvious solutions appear to be anathema to Obama which shows how little interest he really has in securing the borders.

The tragedy of killing of Americans by illegal aliens keeps happening, year after year and Obama has responded by sending too few National Guardsmen to the US Border – and then handcuffing them by ordering them specifically NOT to interfere with illegal aliens crossing into the U.S.A.! Their only duty is to report what they see to Border Patrol. It doesn’t make any difference if the illegals are narco-terrorists, gun-runners or human traffickers. Obama doesn’t care. All the Guardsmen are allowed to do is REPORT what they see to Border Patrol. The most effective way to use the Guardsmen is to train them and deputize them to perform all of the functions of the Border Patrol. We can’t afford to just have them there as observers with no authority. This is just another way in which government wastes taxpayer funds—by deploying the National Guard and then tying one hand behind their back—creating a fa├žade but not the reality of border security.

Yet, “Napo”, Obama’s grossly ineffective and incompetent Secretary of Homeland (IN)Security calls America’s border “more secure than at any time in memory.” She has a convenient memory. Napo can fool some of the people some of the time but not all of the people all of the time. She must have overlooked the fact that the number of illegal aliens in the U.S. has swollen from 1 million at the time of the last major amnesty in 1986 to 12 million today, a compound rate of increase of about 9% per year. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to extrapolate that rate to mid century to what might then aptly be called “Mexico Norte.” We will have surrendered without firing a shot. That’s hardly a testimony to secure borders in the past, present or future.

To learn the facts, we need a confidential survey of all Border Patrol agents by a private agency with the results to be released directly to the media and the public without going through the Obama Administration's filter or allowing Napo to spin the results.
Napo’s statement could be considered a colossal joke on the American people – but the stakes are just too high. This isn’t a joke at all. It’s a national tragedy. And the cost being paid is American lives.

The way we can bring change to this terrible situation is to inform more Americans about the true situation on our borders – and how it affects them in every state in our great nation. There is not a single state, city or a community, that hasn’t been impacted by the drugs, guns, violence and DUI mayhem perpetrated by illegal aliens.

Despite more than 12-to-23 million illegals remaining in the United States, Barack Obama has slowed down deportations and implemented a “catch and release” policy. Even when illegal aliens are caught breaking additional laws, unless they’re caught committing a violent crime such as rape or murder, the illegal alien is likely to be set loose, back out on the streets. That amounts to a treasonous and de facto unilateral amnesty. Obama must go at the end of this term if not before.

His actions or inactions make it more important than ever to “BAN AMNESTY NOW”.
The Obama “political mafia” is gearing up to once again try to pass the so-called DREAM Act in Congress…The media are continuing their attacks on “BAN AMNESTY NOW” and its allies… And the disloyal pro-Amnesty Left Wing extremists and their fellow travelers never stop their scheming, looking for ways to enact amnesty for illegal aliens criminally residing in the United States. There is a good reason why Sheriff Joe Arpaio, America’s toughest Sheriff, calls “BAN AMNESTY NOW” “America’s toughest anti-illegal immigration organization, and our best hope for stopping the Obama Amnesty scheme in its tracks!”

We need to stand up to subversive and racist organizations like LA RAZA and to the Obama political mafia. We need to warn Americans about the threat of illegals voting in the 2012 national elections and mobilize hundreds, if not thousands, of Americans to become poll watchers to stop illegals from voting.

Help make America stronger by opposing Amnesty from coast to coast, state to state, city to city, community to community across our great nation! Contribute to “Ban Amnesty Now” by sending your check (payable to “B.A.N.”) to:

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