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Friday, April 15, 2011

Dee Perez-Scott distorts the truth about the cost of Obamacare

In a report released today, the CBO finally admitted the obvious: Obamacare costs over a trillion dollars.

This revised estimate comes too little, too late. Obamacare passed months ago partly because of the CBO’s erroneous original estimate of $788 billion.


From the beginning, Obamacrats have been lying about the true cost of Obamacare.

When Obamacrats were spinning the lie that Obamacare cost under a trillion dollars – “Look, at the CBO score!” The big lie was exposed many times. Even a past CBO director pointed out that Obamacare’s false CBO score arose from Obama-Pelousi-Reid accounting tricks, including taxing now for services rendered later and moving costly sections of the bill to other pieces of legislation.

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Anonymous said...

Dee Perez-Scott distorts the truth on everything.