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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dee Perez-Scott

Here she is! The chubby Dee Perez-Scott! The Face of Ethnocentric HATE! The Face of Vile Racism against el gapacho (pejorative Spanish slang for an American,especially a white American, similar to el gringo). This mendacious Grandmother who indulges in racial hatred! As proof..... above are some of her rants and images: She hides behind her grandmotherly smile. This vile woman refuses to apologize for the racist tirades on her blog. VIEW THE FACE OF THE GRANDMOTHER.. THE FACE OF RACIST Ethnocentric HATE!!!


Anonymous said...

Yep, she is the poster child for hate, racism, ethnocentricism and an anti-American traitor. Also the poster child for pathological lying and mental illness.

Anonymous said...


Hace mucho buscaba tal respuesta

Anonymous said...

Scary looking if you ask me. Whose picture does she have on her blog? Couldn't be her at no age in her life. How pudgy she looks!

Anonymous said...

Ultima, didn't you get the memo that one cannot be racist or hateful unless one is white? OR that not being enthusiastic about the demise of one's culture or language is RACIST?? You've got to get with the program!