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Friday, April 22, 2011

Dee Perez-Scott likes Obama's CIR

Latinos and Democrats praised President Obama for his attempts to try and jump-start passing a CIR bill. The bill would:
1. Secure the Border
2. Punish Exploitive Employers
3. Provide a Pathway of Citizenship for the 11M here that are Crime Free and contributing to Society.
The Liberal CIR (LCIR) proposals are nothing more than amnesty warmed-over.
Republicans and other loyal Americans are entirely correct in opposing those proposals. Although most of us want secure borders, this Administration’s has been singularly ineffective in accomplishing that goal. It has wasted its resources on misguided policies. In particular, its ill-advised redeployment of ICE and border patrol agents has seriously undermined their morale has been an abject failure in securing the borders. The President's proposals face an uphill battle with the Republicans and their loyal Americans supporters. These proposals, if they ever see the light of day, will be dead on arrival.
A different set of proposals might have a chance if there was some assurance that the president would be held fully accountable for their implementation. Any failure to do so should be defined as an impeachable offense. This alternative set of conservative comprehensive immigration reform (CCIR) proposals includes:
1. E-verification across the board for all employers and all employees.
2. A rigid set of criteria for immigration decisions for use by locally appointed Justices of the Peace sworn in as agents of the federal government.
3. The apprehension, detention and expeditious repatriation annually of a number of illegal aliens sufficient to send the message that if you enter this country or remain here illegally, you will be caught and deported at your own expense.
4. Require that all immigration decisions be made with 24 hours of the detainee’s arrival at a detention facility with only one week for appeal.
5. Sentence all those under a removal order to a minimum of six months’ work on border infrastructure before they are deported with the admonition that if they return without the proper authorization, they will do hard time. (No catch-and-release internally or at the border.)

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