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Friday, April 22, 2011

Netroots Nation Speakers for 2009

Dee Perez-Scott, (disloyal Mexican-American)

"From Migrant Worker in Michigan to Business Woman in Texas, Dee has supported Immigrant and Minority rights volunteering in the community, reading to children and advocating Education in order to achieve the American Dream. Dee's Blog is: Immigration Talk with a Mexican American. She also writes for: The Sanctuary, Citizen Orange and The Peace Tree."

More appropriately her vitae should have disclosed that ethnocentrist Dee Perez-Scott uses a photo of a movie star on her blog rather than her own photo shown here, gives precedence to the wishes of illegal aliens instead of those of her fellow Americans, at heart she is still a Mexican, excludes from her blog all comments which do not accord with her own beliefs, like other left wingers, has little regard for the freedom of speech of those of a different philosophical persuasion, free with her hatred and criticism of others, and instead of promoting the American dream she advocates policies that will destroy that dream.

"ALL SESSIONS: Four Perspectives from the Social Change Blogosphere: Case Studies from Civil Rights/Pro-Migrant Bloggers"

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Anonymous said...

This face is the poster child for hate, racism, ethocentricism, anti-Americanism and mental disturbance. She is the enemy to loyal, law abiding Americans.