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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Dee Perez-Scott is talking thru her Hat, Again!

Many pundits believe that President Obama is losing the Hispanic vote because he has not fulfilled his promise to get the Left Wing version of comprehensive immigration reform (LWCIR) passed. Indeed many leading advocates of immigration reform are upset that real immigration reform has not progressed. In a recent letter to the President in response to his earlier note, I have pointed out that adopting a unilateral position on immigration reform was and is a serious error. At the same time as he has been stressing the need to develop coalitions to deal with international problems like those posed by Libya, he has taken a unilateral position in favor of amnesty. This position is totally at odds with the idea of building a coalition or broad consensus on how to proceed. That consensus is unlikely to be achieved as long as unilateral proposals and promises of mass amnesty for illegal aliens are on the table.

Written in the late 1800s when immigration was nearing its peak and the U.S. population was only about 50 million, Emma Lazarus’s famous sonnet mounted on the base of the Statue of Liberty was an expression of her empathy for those who had fled the anti-Semitic Pogroms in Eastern Europe. The sonnet is a poignant reminder of our immigrant past but the operative word in that phrase is the word “past.”

Our population has now increased six-fold. No one can deny that conditions are dramatically different today than they were in the late 1800s. There are many things in our past: child labor, prohibition, lack of women’s suffrage, Jim Crow laws, and segregation. Few thinking Americans want to go back to that “past” yet some continue to cling to the idea of “our immigrant past” without a second thought about its appropriateness as a model for the fully-settled and fully-developed America of today with a population of more than 300 million people.

Our immigrant past of the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries should not be our guide for the future. Times, society and the availability of natural resources have changed dramatically and our policies should have changed with them.

Leftist Dee Perez-Scott is talking through her hat in her recent post. She fails miserably to convince anyone, least of all Obama, on how "to get the Hispanic vote." Contrary to statements by Dee Perez-Scott, it is actually quite easy to understand why enlightened Hispanics should vote Republican in 2012. What may seem like immigration restrictionism to the ignorant and willfully ignorant is in fact an effort to preserve and even improve the quality of life and standard of living for all of us. That cannot be done if we allow our population to balloon sixfold again from the present 0.3 billion people to 1.8 billion as it did in the sixfold increase from the late 1800s to today. Anyone who believes such an increase would be a good thing needs to spend a few years living in working in India or China to see first hand what that would be like. Reduced legal immigration quotas and secure borders are essential to the stabilization of our population and the preservation of the America we know and love.

Bills like Arizona’s SB1070 and similar measures enacted by many other states and local governments have the same objective, to help us get control of our borders so we can control our runaway population growth and make the most of our finite natural resources. Although Left Wingers, like Dee Perez-Scott, like to portray these measures as "racial profiling bills" that is clearly not their intent and they know it. Rather these bills have the same objective as the immigration reduction proposals: to preserve a way of life for all of us regardless of race or ethnicity. That can’t be done if the Left Wing open-door and amnesty lobbies have their way. It's easy for the Left Wingers who are blinded by their own rhetoric to mis-characterize positive immigration reform measures. No matter what they say, racial profiling per se is not the purpose and need not be the result of these bills.

Hispanics and others who take the time to study and understand the adverse long term consequences of another mass amnesty and an open-door policy will be convinced there are other alternatives that will serve our country better.

The Left Wingers also like to criticize the opponents of birthright citizenship but never bother to mention the long list of the countries where that right does not exist. Nor do they mention that U.S. birthright citizenship is a major inducement to illegal entry into the U.S. and the consequent excessive population growth. It follows that if one values our current standard of living, quality of life, natural resources, and freedom, one must be opposed to birthright citizenship.

Most people know the genesis of birthright citizenship. The 14th Amendment to the Constitution gave full citizenship to the ex-slaves who had been forcibly uprooted from their homes in Africa and their children. If it had not been for slavery, there would have been no birthright citizenship amendment. Unless the flawed interpretation of the 14th Amendment is quickly corrected, our country will be doomed to natural resource shortages, increasing poverty, steadily increasing welfare costs and a general decline in all of the things we value.

A common language is the glue that holds multi-cultural societies together. The advocates of Official English strongly believe in that proposition. They have no wish to denigrate any other language. Spanish is a beautiful language well-preserved in many other countries. Official English merely means that all government proceedings, ballots, documents, publications and interactions with the public will be in English. There is no intent to ban the study of foreign languages in any way or their use in private or non-official communications. The Official English advocates' position and mine is that we should not be wasting money on official documents and proceedings in many languages when a single language will serve our country better and when eligibility for citizenship requires a knowledge of English. A common language is the basic unifying force in our society and enables us to communicate with each other in a civilized manner.

Extreme Left Wing groups, like "Move On", are funded by the likes of the notorious George Soros and others with deep pockets. They have been working hard to destroy family values, denigrate Christianity, and obliterate the form of limited capitalism and lassez faire that built this country to its greatness. This incessant attack should convince Hispanics that enough is enough and it is time to vote for the Party that supports rather than denigrates these important values.

Republicans have a great deal of work to do to obtain a large share of the Hispanic vote. They have to be able to articulate all of the reasons why it is in the enlightened best interests of Hispanics to vote Republican. We need their help and understanding to achieve policies that will lead to a stabilization of our population before it is too late. Latinos have many of the same values as Republicans. These values include: Christianity, personal responsibility, fiscal responsibility, traditional families, and marriage as between a man and a woman.

One of the bright stars among Hispanic Republicans, Senator Marco Rubio, has now recognized the need for measures like SB1070 to fill the vacuum left by the federal government when it abdicated its responsibility to secure our borders and expel illegal aliens. Rubio is not against immigration reform. Some act as if there is only one set of changes that qualify as immigration reform. Left Wing nuts like to promote their version of immigration reform without giving a thought to how those reforms will affect the U.S. They are either totally unenlightened or treasonous. They are the disloyal, open-door, amnesty crowd and their ilk. It is they who have been brainwashing the Hispanic young, saying not a word about what the future holds for them if they listen to these siren voices of the Left. Attacks against popular Latino Republican politicians like Rubio are the stock in trade of the Left Wing. Latinos who love this country should be taking advantage of the wonderful opportunities in the Republican Party to help stop all the forces bent on America's destruction through their Leftist rhetoric, policies and tunnel vision. They should be proud of one of their own who has achieved this exalted office.

"Somos Republicanos" and similar Latino Republican organizations have not gained traction among the party faithful because they have espoused doctrines that are not in the mainstream of Republicanism. To gain influence in the Party they need to understand the reasons why Left Wing immigration reforms are not in the best interests of the United States or any of its citizens. They need to understand why bills like SB1070 are necessary and how the potential for racial profiling under that and related bills can easily be avoided. Nevertheless, it is important to point out that if one is looking for male professional baseball player, it is not likely he will be found among the members of the local women's clubs.

To join the mainstream of the Party it is also necessary to avoid extremist rhetoric and and immigrant bashing. Hispanics need to understand and accept that Republicans want to preserve the America we know and love and defend it against all Left Wing threats like the open-door/amnesty proposals.

Gays are a part of the fabric of the U.S. One can be for marriage between a man and a woman as fundamental to our society without being critical of those who choose a different lifestyle. Some Hispanic Republicans have done long-term work for the Party. Some helped George Bush into power. Some have developed a keen understanding of key political issues like the adverse consequences of Left Wing immigration reform proposals. They may also have begun to understand the need for state action to fill the federal vacuum on border security. These "Somos-like" groups are welcome in the Party and can continue to do much good by convincing Latinos that it is in their own enlightened best interests to join the Party and vote for Republicans.

President Obama: Some like, those who characterize themselves as "True American Latinos" rather than just "Americans or true Americans", may support you in the next election. Your silver-tongued oratory still has the power to sway the ignorant and the willfully ignorant and the unenlightened masses. But many have now begun to recognize your Leftist agenda for what it is, a page out of the Alinskyite play book, and will turn in another direction. They recognize that you have compromised internal immigration enforcement and reduced the deportation of illegal aliens sacrificing America's future. You have stopped the effective workplace ICE raids and moved to target and prosecute abusive employers but you have failed to implement mandatory E-verification which is essential to the identification of both miscreant employers and illegal aliens. While you have targeted criminals and gangs you have neglected the vast majority of the illegals and the communities in which the criminals and other illegal aliens find sanctuary.

From the perspective of the people in Ciudad Juarez your partnership with Mexico in border security and targeting the drug cartels has produced few results. Drugs and weapons still flow freely across the border. Murders continue to mount in the border towns. Border Patrol agents are being bribed with millions of dollars of drug money to allow drugs to flow through their checkpoints to the U.S. and weapons to flow in the other direction. The police are being infiltrated with members of the cartels willing to do their bidding. Mexico has shown no stomach for curbing illegal alien traffic into the U.S. They persist in dumping their poor into our backyard. With friends like that, who needs enemies.

Here are some steps a coalition with Republicans could accomplish now:
1. The Dream Act is a bad bill fraught with loopholes. Ask the Republican leadership what changes are necessary to tighten up the bill, avoid wholesale fraud, further limit its applicability, and to require a minimum if a four year enlistment in the armed forces to become eligible for consideration. Make sure this is done with the vote of the entire Congress not through some closed-door parliamentary maneuver. Tell the American people all of the changes that the Republicans proposed to strengthen the bill and enable its passage.

2. Ease the Backlog in the Immigration Courts. Do whatever is necessary to create a rigid set of criteria for immigration decisions for use by state-sanctioned immigration justices of the peace (JoPs). This will relieve the burden on the immigration courts. Difficult cases related to political asylum would always be handled by the courts. The basic criterion for the JoP decisions should be: if you are in this country without proper documentation, that will be considered prima facie evidence that you are an illegal alien. Accordingly, you will be sentenced immediately to six months working on border infrastructure and then deported with the admonition that if you return, you will do hard time as a repeat offender. You will have only one week for an appeal. Family separation will not be an acceptable basis for an appeal. If you cannot produce authentic documents in that time you will be transported directly to the border to begin your sentence. We will charge you and your former employer for the cost of your apprehension and deportation.

If 40% of the 12M are Visa Overstays, their cases are equally clear. They have flaunted the law and need to be subject to immediate justice administered by the JoPs. This will remove the backlog in short order and assure that those who flaunt the law will never have a pathway to citizenship.

3. Have Eric Holder drop the case against Arizona’s SB1070. That was an unpopular move on the part of your administration and showed your true colors on border security. Instead, find a way to facilitate state immigration enforcement to supplement the efforts of ICE and the border patrol. Stop catch-and-release. Whether an illegal is caught at the border crossings or internally, sentence them immediately to six months working on border infrastructure. If you just send them back across the border, they’ll try again and again with an ultimate 95% probability of success.

If the Government Shuts Down on April 8th, BLAME THE RECALCITRANT DEMOCRATS! They are quibbling over a minuscule portion of the multi-trillion dollar deficit.

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Anonymous said...

In short, Dee is mentally disturbed. There is something wrong when someone born on our soil and therefore an American citizen puts the interests of illegal foreigners above the national interests and hurls insults, lies about, exaggerates about and does and says anything to demonize Americans for the rule of law.