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Friday, April 22, 2011

Dee Perez-Scott makes an unwarranted plea to Obama

As far as left wing CIR is concerned, President Obama is at a crossroads right now. Dee Perez-Scott thinks he has within his powers the ability to order waivers to legalize students who were brought here as children, provide them waivers to complete their education and allow them to get in line and apply for citizenship. She says, "This is not too much to ask!" However, Obama has already exceeded his charter as head of the Executive Department of government by ignoring the Constitution, usurping the authority of Congress, and ignoring subpoenas in true keeping with the Chicago Code.

Mr. President! Listen to "We the People" not the siren voices of the illegal aliens, their supporters, the immigration lawyers and their ilk. We can find a compromise to allow the talented children of illegal aliens to participate fully in American society after they have earned that privilege by serving a minimum of a four year enlistment in the armed forces and by meeting certain other criteria that are missing in the so-called DREAM Act. The nightmare act has been extinguished. It's time to move on to fix all the loopholes in that bill and strengthen its requirements and enforcement mechanisms.

Like many before them who have had to postpone their lives and their educations to serve our country, these illegal aliens need to understand that there is a price that they must pay for their parents' illegal acts. They should not just get a "get out of jail free" pass as though nothing had happened. Many Americans have paid the price of a four year enlistment to support their country. This is not too much to ask of those who are here illegally. Four years will enable them to become more mature and learn more about our great nation and the sacrifices that are sometimes necessary. They will be better students and better citizen-material after their service. Do not use any extra-legal powers you think you have to thwart the will of the people and their legal representatives.


Rosa said...

My name is Rosa. I posted something on dee peres scott's blog, not vulgar just very truthful and she will not show it. I will not post there again.
I said, The 14th Amendment was one of the Reconstruction Amendments (1868) after the Civil War. It has been totally abused by the illegal parents of anchor babies. Mr. President, don't even think of a "Dream Act", the 14th Amendment must be repealed. My family did it the right way, the legal way.
It appears dee has vicente post on her blog(maybe it is just me but I don't think he makes sense 99% of the time) and some new anons who agree with dee which makes me think she is probably posing as an anon.

ultima said...

Your post is right on the mark, Rosa. You are welcome to post here anytime.

Rosa said...

Thaks ultima.

Anonymous said...

Rosa, you are right on all accounts. Dee will not allow the truth or anything contrary to her views to be posted in her blog. She claims profanity all the time as her reason but I have never used profanity either and she won't post my remarks either.

She is a pathological liar also. Her claims that the anti's and pro's can debate civilly in her blog is a farce. I don't know why she doesn't remove that statement from her blog as it simply a lie!

She claims to oppose racism but that only includes white people behaving that way but not Hispanics. That also makes her a hypocrite. Vicente is a vile POS who hates white, conservative Americans and like Dee will say anything to smear them.

Dee is a lost cause. The only thing that might help her is psychiatric therapy but she will never admit that she is mentally disturbed in order to seek out that help.

Don't even bother to post in there as long as your views don't reflect hers as she will never post them unless she wants to post them so she can just insult you.

Rosa said...

anon-you are right!

Anonymous said...

dee seems to like Jan Brewer now.
what a hipocrite!