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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Alfred E. Neuman (Mad Magazine)


Dee said...

I love Alfred E.
I read Mad Magazine since I was a child.

Dee said...

Hey Sweetie,
Why haven´t you written me lately? Why didn´t you answer my PM?
Are you mad at me? Say it ain´t so Ulty.

ultima said...
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ultima said...

I have been neglecting my PMs but now I am caught up.

Dee said...

Hey Ulty, what say we put links up to each others blogs that way your visitors can visit me and mine can visit you? I am visiting bunches of other blogs and discussion boards and inviting them back. BTW, I just joined an EU discussion board full of Brits. I want them to adopt me so they can teach me all about the Immigration issues they are facing in Britain.
Trying to learn as much as I can.

Dee said...

Kennedy said:
“Sadly, the administration's proposal would make our immigration crisis worse. Without strong new laws, the administration's plan will do little to enhance our security and will hurt millions of immigrant families who are contributing so much to our communities and our economy,” said Kennedy, D-Mass.

Dee said...


I agree with you the two points you made re
1. Guest Worker program
2. Amnesty to limited number

Can you come over and talk about them with me on my blog? I´m going to invite a few others to join us. I want to email Dianne Feinstein and see what she says when I say we (ANTI and PRO) are agreeing on these issues.