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Sunday, July 1, 2007

Praise for Loyal Citizens & Patriots

If you’ve seen the movie “Meet John Doe” you might recognize those who worked day and night to defeat the monstrous S.1639 immigration bill as the modern day embodiment of Mr. Doe, played by Gary Cooper. Like John Doe, the vision, tenacity and character of these committed citizens are the foundation and catalyst of the mounting modern day populist uprising against illegal aliens and unfettered population growth. Similarly a handful of principled Senators, those who stood steadfast against cloture, personify the embattled Senator, played by Jimmy Stewart, in “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington”. Few can stand up to the pressures and threats from party leadership and the president; but these men and women of character did, and without them the enemy within would most surely have prevailed.

Of course there are other heroes along with villains and their victims in this epoch. Ranchers under siege along a border that has become a war zone comes to mind. Journalist Chris Simcox, camera in hand, mobilizing average Americans from all walks of life. They monitor the border, exposing in graphic reality the national and human tragedies and the environmental catastrophe. No one should forget the Bush administration's newest targets of political terror…
America’s Border Patrol Agents. The message is clear…agents who dare do their job may well face ten years in a small cell as political prisoners… solitary confinement may well be one's fate. Such behavior on the part of a president should be an impeachable offense.

Yes there are lots of true heroines and heroes, and sadly, too many victims in this revolt. Be-that-as-it-may, the clarion call has been sounded by loyal citizens, much as Paul Revere raised the alarm in his day. Committed loyal citizens give a sustaining voice to the growing numbers who are taking up the ‘call’ in this fight for America’s sovereignty and its very survival.

While the next battles in this war to turn back a ‘tsunami’ of foreign ‘labor’ is just over the horizon; incorruptible Patriots and loyal citizens from every corner of
America will stay in the fray. Exposing the skullduggery of the economic hit men and racist organizations [lobbyists] and while not easy ... is essential. Wielding their insidious corrupting influence upon lapdog political minions these people haven’t only forgotten their roots, they’ve lost their souls. We must keep the torches shining bright on those cowards and traitors who, for 30 pieces of silver, would betray America’s future. We must keep the spotlight on those who place loyalty to race or ethnicity before loyalty to their fellow Americans and to our national interest and national sovereignty.

We need to keep working to keep
America strong and save it from the cloture and dagger of WMD politics launched by globalist GWB (a man I’m sorry to say I voted twice for). Ike in his time sent unneeded foreign labor packing, and we can too in a steady, gradual and humane repatriation effort consistent with the labor needs of our economy and a national objective of a stable population. [paraphrased from Brandon E.]


Dee said...

There are a few problems with your perspective. You act as if the 12M just dropped from Mars and now, OMG, what are we going to do. We certainly can´t legalize them.

If you study history you know the US has exploited migrant workers from Texas and South of the Border since the turn of the last century. There have been ebbs and flows of migrant workers here since then. Once the dominant Anglo culture feels threatened, they turn on the scare tactics and chase them back to their country of origin. What is happening now is Operation Wetback all over again, until the next labor shortage. The problem is, there is a labor shortage now, you and yours choose not to acknowledge it.

Dee said...

Since when did Chris Simcox, the outrageous head of the MMs become a journalist?

ultima said...

Not at all. My perspective easily accommodates the failures of the 1986 amnesty and the fact that the 12 million arrived over all the ensuing years. Moreover, my perspective has always recognized the need for some foreign workers and the need for a way to legalize them and issue them a biometric IDs.

This implies neither that all of the 12 million should be legalized nor that all should or even could be deported overnight.

The threat to Anglo culture is real. The only question is what to do about it. The right wing radical fringe groups would round up all illegals and and deport them immediately without recourse or due process. Actually, this could be done by employing private enterprise with all costs to be recovered from the illegals, their employers, their homeland governments or by taxing remittances. However, many workers are needed in the fields and orchards of our country and those folks need to be legalized and facilitated. But legalization does not necessarily mean a pathway to citizenship. I recognize the need for foreign labor in this area and would specify "agriculture" on the ID so that there is no leakage of workers to other occupations.

Employers need to demonstrate that they have made a good faith effort to hire citizens before they can be permitted to hire foreign workers in other occupations. That is the way to show if there is a real labor shortage. Anecdotes and false advertising won't do. We must also assure that our citizens on the lowest rungs of the economic ladder in our society are not displaced by illegals willing to accept substandard wages and live in violation of zoning rules.

The bottom line is we need a process for workplace verification of immigration status,registration of all illegals, and re-adertisement of all jobs held by them, as well as all new jobs, at a living wage with a hiring preference for citizen labor. There is a reasonable and legal way of identifying and meeting our labor needs without the mass legalization of 12 million lawbreakers. Let's get on with it.

ultima said...

See separate post written by George Putnam regarding the courageous Chris Simcox. How many Pros have made that kind of sacrifice?

Chris said...

I find a lot more flaws with dee's remarks.

What labor shortage? Prove it. Unemployment is higher now than it has been in years. That is, unemployment of American citizens.

Being an exploited worker doesn't make one holy or of sterling character. Or in more simplistic terms, two wrongs don't make a right. Just because some migrant workers have been exploited does not make it right to allow millions of illegal migrant workers into the country, wronging the citizens who live there.

Playing the "race" card is nonsense. We're not talking "Anglo" culture here unless you want to somehow define it as non-hispanic culture for some odd reason. I don't think Mexico or Brazil would be too happy with a massive illegal immigration into their countries by any other culture. Should we call that "Hispanic scare tactics"? Get real.

I just read your profile, Dee. You say your parents, your grandparents and your great-grandparents were born in the USA. Calling yourself a Mexican-American is like me walking around loudly proclaiming I'm a Danish-American. To what end? What's the point?

You sound like perhaps you have stronger ties to Mexico than America. If so, maybe you should emigrate to Mexico.

One of the responsibilities of American citizens in America is to put America first before other countries. Until we live in a world without borders, it is harmful to one's own country, one's own culture and one's own life to do otherwise.

If you feel your loyalties should be dominated by Hispanic culture, then you should live in a Hispanic country. If I feel my loyalties should be dominated by Danish culture, I should go live in Denmark.

But I'm an American, grew up in American culture, even though my grandfather was from Denmark.

Allowing millions of illegal aliens into the USA every year, no matter what country they are from, is bad for the USA. And anything that adversely affects the USA makes it that much harder for the USA to lend a helping hand to the rest of the world.

Some of those millions of illegal aliens might be better off in the USA than in their home countries, for a few years or even for life. But millions more will suffer in other countries, because the USA has been slowed economically by illegal immigrants, because the USA has internal strife caused by illegal immigrants and so on.

So in a very real sense, illegal immigrants adversely affect the whole world. There isn't enough room in the USA to accommodate all the people in the world who need a leg up. There are a couple billion or more of them.

Instead, we in the USA have to work with other fortunate nations in cooperation to help those nations in need in sustainable ways -- ways which are only sustainable when those nations and their populaces and cultures learn the hard lessons of making themselves economically and in humanitarian ways viable. We can help them along, but they still have to accept their problems, learn their lessons and help themselves.