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Sunday, July 1, 2007

Hypercritical Remarks

Here is an example of the hypercritical remarks that characterize those who favored S.1639.

"We all know the ANTI are a small group of zealots, but a very noisy, pompous group of zealots, nevertheless. What next?"

We should all be committed no matter which side of the issue we are on. Being committed does not make any of us fanatics or zealots. The small group that stopped S.1639 turned out to be not so small after all. The pejorative terms "zealots","noisy" and "pompous" are not helpful when trying to find a way forward. Insults and name-calling are the last resort of those who prefer to attack individuals or groups rather than their facts, positions, reasoning or rationals. This is essentially an ad hominem approach that appeals to individual passions and prejudices rather than reason. This is not helpful and seriously undermines anything of a substantive nature that might be added later.

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