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Monday, July 16, 2007

Do Illegals Return to Mexico in Retirement?

Mirror believes that Mexican illegals return to Mexico when their working years are over. Perhaps if they have remained in illegal status, that is one choice they might consider. However, if their children are American citizens as they surely will be if they were born here, isn't it more likely that in the Mexican tradition the parents will remain here and live with one or more of their children? Also as pointed out in the 14th Amendment Babies post, at age 21, the citizen children can arrange permanent residency for their parents. Mirror asks, "Why should children return to Mexico or eslewhere if they are citizens of the U.S.?" The answer is that all minor children belong with their parents, not left to fend for themselves or to impose on other relatives. Children of illegals who have reach their 21st birthdays can do whatever they like which more than likely will be to remain in this country and arrange permanent residency for their parents. The parents may wish to return to Mexico if they think the cost of living is lower and if they think the climate is more hospitable. I had no intention of suggesting children of age 21 or older had any obligation to return to their homelands if they were born in this country because as 14th amendment children they are entitled to remain.


mirrorism said...

Most illegal immigrants are single men.

Their parents can decide where they should be, most would prefer them to stay in the US.

Anyway, wouldn't it be nice if we had numbers on this? I say they go back once they can't work because it has been what I've been able to observe. Numbers may prove me right or say otherwise.

Liquidmicro said...

If they can't work and they do go back, isn't that also considered enforcement through attrition?

Dee said...

I think many people go to MX to retire, both legal citizens and illegal immigrants. My brother-in-law who is legal is planning on retiring in MX. We have many American snow birds who retire in MX. MX is a beautiful country. I saw this show on Showtime called "Cowboy del Amor" about a single retiree. He started a "shop from bride" business. He matched up American men with Mexican women and his business is thriving.

Go figure!!

Dee said...

Hey Ulty, you should take off the approval option for your comments. I took mine off. What are you afraid of? You don´t want to control and censor your viewers comments do you? Be risque. Let people comment!! Besides, even if you want to delete them, you can always delete them later!! (you can delete this one. I am just sending this to you as a suggestion to your blog, not as a comment to this particular topic.)