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Monday, July 2, 2007

Pro-Illegal -- An Oxymoron?

Those who support illegal aliens rather than the interests of their fellow citizens and the national interests consider themselves to be Pros because they are "for the illegals". But isn't this almost an oxymoron, a conflict in terms? Pro also stands for "professional". Should any professionally- oriented individual be in favor of illegal behavior? I prefer the title DCALs for these folks -- Disloyal, Complicit, Anti-Legal. There is nothing Pro about their advocacy. It is a race-based point of view not unlike that of their fellow travelers, the Aztlanistas and the members of La Raza, MECHa, LULAC and MALDEF.

Then there is the question of loyalty. How does Pro-illegal jibe with loyalty to one's country, the rule of law and one's fellow citizens?

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