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Friday, July 20, 2007

Immigrants: the Explorers, Founders, Developers and Defenders of America.

From all parts of the world, immigrants came to America because of persecution, wars, pestilence, poverty, crime and disease in their homelands. They came to this new land with a lot of trepidation, especially those who did not speak English. They knew they would face hardships and that it would take years to adapt to their new country. Nevertheless, as a result of the vision of the Founding Fathers, they believed America offered personal and religious freedom and the opportunity to pursue happiness and economic success. They also believed that a vast open country with limitless resources lay before them, waiting to be settled and developed. That history and the history of sacrifices of our armed forces in defending our freedom are what strengthen our love for America and our resolve to defend our borders, our national sovereignty, and the national interest. Interlopers with little regard for the rule of law, the very basis for all civilized societies, now threaten our country. They make claims of commitment to community and respect for human beings but have little respect for the rights of their fellow citizens or for the national interest.

What binds Americans together is our desire to preserve the nation founded on the principles of law, freedom and citizenship. Not all who come here deserve to be American citizens. Many been invited but few will be chosen.

The nation we treasure cannot be preserved if we invite all the downtrodden peoples from the crime-ridden, disease-infested, and impoverished neighborhoods of world to share in the American Dream. There is no longer a vast unsettled continent. There is no new Louisiana Purchase available. And every day at the gas pump we are reminded that our natural resources are not limitless.

There are various ethnic lines of descent within the mainstream American culture and most of them value our national sovereignty, the American flag, our constitution, our language, our laws, the rule of law and the quality of life we enjoy. This is what brings meaning to the lives of Americans. We must think of ourselves as Americans first and always.

We believe in respecting our heritage which is the lasting gift from the Founding Fathers and our ancestors who braved the oceans, the mountains, the deserts and the weather enduring untold hardships to come here, settle this great land moving west, shed their former nationalities and allegiances and become Americans. They learned to celebrate all things American. People from all parts of the world came together in America from which emerged a new people and a new culture, one that is fundamentally different from that of the old country, the old ways, the old cultures and the old concepts of slavery, peonage, serfdom, royalty, nobility and special privilege. We bow to no one.

Without question the America the immigrants found then was the land of opportunity. All worked together as Americans to make good on the promise of the Republican concept that a rising tide lifts all boats.

Americans believe in a level playing field, where a citizen's starting point in life does not necessarily determine where they end in life. A citizen's potential for success is limited only by his indolence or his failure to take full advantage of all the educational and other opportunities available to him.

Americans believe that every citizen deserves the opportunity to develop his or her human potential through education and work.

The promise of America has already been fulfilled manifold but the continued genuine economic, civic and political participation of all of its citizens is necessary to preserve that promise as it relates to the quality of life for our descendants. America can no longer offer all things to all people. Whether you speak of petroleum, water, arable land or a host of other natural resources, it is obvious that these dwindling resources cannot be spread over an unlimited number of people without adversely affecting everyone's quality of life. America should not be expected to and cannot accommodate an unlimited number of people at any desirable level of material, mental and civic well-being. Those who deny this obvious truism are the ones we should worry about the most. Those who advocate unlimited immigration and population growth have reduced their argument to the absurd, a reductio ad absurdum.

Quick and sure justice is due to all citizens and to all the criminals in our midst and all others who violate our laws and our borders. That is our social and national responsibility. Justice delayed is justice denied.

We must all work at expanding democracy and prosperity for our citizens by insisting that all laws be forced and all threats to our national sovereignty be removed. There are those among us who have a very narrow concept of loyalty to America. They think if they fly the flag [and some don’t], serve in the armed forces, and vote legally that that is enough. They give no thought to their obligation of loyalty to their fellow Americans and to the national interest. Instead they give their loyalty to foreigners, foreign governments, foreign cultures and foreign philosophies.

We have duties and responsibilities to all of our fellow citizens, to our families, to our communities and to society. We cannot discharge those duties or fulfill those responsibilities if we give priority to concern for foreigners, foreign governments, foreign cultures and foreign philosophies.

We have a steadfast belief in the promise of America; an untiring willingness to work to expand the American Dream; and an unfaltering vision for a brighter, better future of respect and honor for all loyal citizens. We believe it is each country’s responsibility to create a dream for its people and to work unfailingly to foster that dream and improve the quality of life for its people. Other countries should not look for a place to dump their poor and their other social problems in the backyard of another country. Such behavior cannot be tolerated on the part of any government. It is not America's job to solve the problems of other countries but, like Home Depot's motto, they can do it, we can help.

We will hold our community leaders, political representatives and ourselves accountable and responsible for preserving the America we know and love, its values, its rule of law, its flag, its history, its multi-faceted, but e. pluribus unum culture. We will work without respite to deter those who would compromise America and destroy the greatest nation on earth with misguided concerns for other countries and their peoples. We will help those peoples to unfurl their sails and straighten their rigging so they can realize their own dreams in their own countries.

The American Republic is a fragile institution that is under duress from excessive population growth and an unsustainable economy. It is in danger of being Balkanized and of foundering from excessive debt. It suffers from immigration zealots who care more about ethnic politics, cheap labor and misguided globalism than they do about the long term survival of America as we know it. Their faith is boundless but they are without wisdom and foresight. They are like Alfred E. Neuman, the original “What, me worry" kid of Mad Magazine fame (See picture above)

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