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Monday, July 2, 2007

Registration and Verification of Immigration Status

This is an elaboration of my first point under "The Way Forward". This is the first of a series of discussions of provisions for a new immigration bill or series of bills.

Illegal aliens should be given no more than six months in which to register. This could be done at their places of work or wherever they are found. Failure to register will be considered a felony and subject the individual to immediate deportation when apprehended.

A sytem will be established not later than six months after the approval of this bill to enable employers to quickly and accurately determine the immigration status of all employees, not just new employees. The system will be sophisticated enough to be able to detect when fraudulent documents are in use. It will permit employers to register all illegals in their employ who have not previously registered.

The mere act of registration does not constitute legalization of the illegals. It enables them to come out of the shadows and be free of the threat of deportation, at least temporarily. It is the beginning point for the re-advertising process and for any efforts the employers wish to make in defense of illegals in his employ.

Green cards, since they are easily counterfeited, will become invalid at the end of the six month registration period and be replaced with biometric IDs with an appropriate green card notation provided the illegal survives the re-advertising and appeal process.

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