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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Do Illegals Return Home?

The following seems to suggest that Mexicans are neither returning to Mexico nor assimilating. This should give all citizens cause for grave concern.

In city after city, the sprawl and destruction or development of arable land has become overwhelming as citizens are pushed farther and farther out as a result of the influx of illegal aliens. There is a cultural and ethnic cleansing of neighborhoods going on in many of our cities. In Chicago, there are four Spanish language TV Stations, 17 Spanish language radio stations and numerous Spanish language publications, church services, street signs, box store signage, as well as government documents in Spanish. Some schools have hired teachers to educate children solely in Spanish. Does that sound like assimilation? Does it suggest that these developments are only temporary and eventually they will all return home? Even though Chicago is over one-thousand miles from the Mexican border, the Hispanic population in the area is now approaching two million. In 1965, it was less than 100,000, mostly citizens of Puerto Rican ancestry.

While illegal aliens march and chant about racism and make demands for rights no guest should expect, they methodically take over neighborhoods and create their own ethnic enclaves. Travel to Houston, Atlanta, Miami, New York City, Dallas, Raleigh, Denver and any American city with major illegal alien overload and you will see the same pattern of ethnic cleansing. Dallas County gained 175,000 Hispanic residents (now 35 percent of the population) from 2000 to 2005, 130,000 Anglos moved out. White America subjugated Black America for much of the last two centuries, but now a new threat faces our Black citizens as Mexicans overwhelm their neighborhoods in city after city. Mexicans chase Blacks out as fast as they can bring in their relatives from Mexico while at the same time recreating the very conditions they left Mexico to escape.

Senators Hillary Clinton, Kennedy, Specter, McCain, Reid, Hagel, Martinez, and the Administration and the pro illegal liberals think this is good for America. They are dead wrong. The unabated influx of foreigners rips at America’s core and weakens our cohesive society. It destroys our single language. It wreaks havoc in our schools. It shreds the American Dream. In the long run it will result in, not a multicultural society, but a new unicultural society that demands that all children be taught in Spanish.

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