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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Unemployment Rate and Fair Wages

Mirror raises a legitimate question about the number of jobs held by illegals that can be filled by Americans at the present low unemployment rate. I have merely suggested that this be put to the test by requiring employers to prove they cannot fill their jobs with citizen labor no matter how widely they advertise and no matter what wage they offer. It seems like this would be a worthwhile exercise for employers who feel they need foreign workers. Let them make their best case with irrefutable evidence of a good faith effort to hire U.S. citizens to no avail.

I have been an advocate of allowing local labor unions in concert with the Dept. of Labor to determine what is a fair wage. I washed dishes for 50-70 cents per hour plus meals when I was in college and stoop labor for $1.25 - $2 a day in earlier times as a teenager. There must be data out there which could be updated with cost of living factors to show what a fair wage would be today in relation to what citizens were paid to do any particular kind of work in the past. I could do this myself without too much trouble.

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