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Sunday, July 1, 2007

The Way Forward

The Way Forward

a. Mandatory alien registration within six months

b. Verification of the immigration status of all unregistered employees

c. Register all employees found to be illegal

d. Registration does not equal legalization

e. Verification of green cards

2. Employer Requirements

a. Irrefutable evidence of need for foreign workers

b. Advertising in trade journals and local employment offices

c. Fair wage by American standards and a hiring preference for citizens.

d. The handicapped and other unemployed

e. Agricultural workers

f. Support of appeals

g. Health care costs

h. Employer process

i. Accountability for hiring illegals

j. Penalties for falsification of evidence

3. Visas

a. Tourists

b. Students

c. Guest Workers

4. IDs

a. Machine-readable, biometric ID with clear photo and thumb print

b. Specify type of work authorized, e.g. agricultural

5. Repatriation

a. More immigration judges assigned to detention facilities

b. Expeditious appeal decisions

c. Basis for appeals

6. Interior Enforcement

a. Private enterprise operation at no cost to government

b. Taxation of remittances

c. More detention facilities

d. Detainee work details

e. Involuntary deportation

f. Authority of police and sheriffs

g.. Penalties for aiding and abetting and sanctuary

h. Cost recovery

i. Employer accountability

j. Penalties for false advertising

7. Penalties for Failure to Enforce

a. Impeachable offense

b. Cause for discharge

c. Loss of federal funds

8. Fraudulent Documents

a. Penalties for selling stolen or counterfeit documents

b. Penalties for possessing

c. Penalties for using fake SSN or SSN of another person

9. Border Crossing Obstetrical and Triage Hospitals

a. Location of hospitals

b. Cost sharing

c. Staffing

d. Transportation

e. Rules governing sick/pregnant appearing at border crossings

10. Official English

a. Public Interpreters for those who cannot afford one

b. Ballots in foreign languages at cost

c. Voter credential checking

d. Proof of citizenship

e. Penalties for voter fraud

f. Free community based English courses

11. Border Security and Enforcement

a. Additional border patrol agents

b. Hot pursuit/deadly force against drug runners

c. Wall, charged fences, barriers

d. Electronic and aerial surveillance

e. Roads and infrastructure

12. 14th Amendment

a. Limits on Jus soli

b. HR1940

c. Temporary sovereignty of delivery rooms and other locations

d. Tamper-proof birth certificates

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