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Wednesday, July 11, 2007


There has been a significant amount of discussion regarding the loyalty of those who favor mass legalization of illegal aliens and the other provisions of the now defunct Senate Bill 1639. They keep repeating the litany: I am a loyal American; my family has been here for over 200 years. But they are unable to demonstrate how their position constitutes loyalty to the U.S., the national interest, and their fellow citizens.

Loyalty is a fairly simple concept. It means bearing true allegiance to one's sovereign nation and to its duly constituted authority and laws. In a more general sense, loyalty means constant faithfulness in any relation or obligation implying trust and confidence.

Fidelity to one' s spouse in a marriage is an example of loyalty of the latter more general definition. Praising in public and criticizing in private is part of that fidelity.

One cannot give precedence to the brotherhood of race or ethnicity and still be considered a "loyal American". As one Black lady once said to me, "I consider myself an American first and a Afro American second." Most of us have even gotten beyond that stage. We think of themselves as just Americans rather than Afro Americans, German Americans or Mexican Americans. The inability to clear this hurdle is what keeps some from achieving or realizing true loyalty to America. They still think in separatist racial terms rather than as inclusive Americans.

When it comes to the illegal aliens, the matter is quite simple. They are, after all, illegal, so starting the discussion with what they want or what is right and fair for them is a form of disloyalty. A loyal citizen starts from what is in the national interest and the interest of their fellow Americans. This is the approach that can lead to a resolution of immigration issues and the formulation of acceptable reform legislation. Those who approach the problem from the point of view of foreigners and their governments are not loyal citizens and that approach has ended and should continue to end in failure. One can arrive at a satisfactory solution starting from the national interest rather than the interests of foreigners. Without raging ethnic politics, a solution can be achieved. A solution can be reached without involving the lunatic fringes on either the Right or the Left. A solution can be reached by separating fact from fiction, ratings-driven entertainment from true journalism.

In search of compromise on this issue, who should have the longest road to travel, illegal aliens or U.S. citizens? Whose country is it anyway? The way in which one answers these questions clearly defines his or her loyalties.

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