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Monday, July 30, 2007

An Immigration Questionnaire for Presidential Candidates

A Yes or No Immigration Questionnaire for Presidential Candidates

Do you favor or support:

1. A systematic, stepwise approach to immigration reform in a series of separate, simpler bills as opposed to a single comprehensive reform bill?

2. The rule of law?

3. Full enforcement of all of the immigration laws currently on the books?

4. Failure to enforce immigration laws as an impeachable offense?

5. Failure to enforce immigration laws as a cause for termination of INS, ICE and Border Patrol agents?

6. Negotiation of an agreement with our neighbors to permit hot pursuit of drug smugglers across the border and the use of lethal force if they fail to halt when ordered?

7. A process for employers to present irrefutable evidence of need before foreign workers can be hired or retained?

8. A process to identify and deport illegals who are holding jobs American will do if offered a fair wage and a hiring preference?

9. An American labor protection provision in any immigration legislation?

10. A simplification of deportation procedures and appeals to assure minimum detention periods and expeditious deportation?

11. Classifying all deportations as involuntary even if the deportee agrees to self deport and does so at his own expense?

12. Holding employers accountable for the immigration status of all employees whether or not they hired them knowingly or intentionally without regard to that status?

13. Requiring employers to be responsible for all the health care costs of their foreign employees and their families?

14. Reducing cross border traffic to enable the Border Patrol to do a more effective job of identifying potential terrorists?

15. Requiring a tamper proof, machine readable, biometric ID for everyone who enters this country?

16. Requiring a background check and medical exam for all who seek such an ID?

17. Specifying the type of work that a foreign worker is authorized to do on the ID?

18. A constitutional amendment specifying English as the Official Language of the U.S.?

19. Repeal of EO13166 with a provision for Public Interpreters for those who cannot afford one?

20. Triggers in any immigration bill that require objective measures of results in terms of a reduction in the illegal population, an increase in the number of border apprehensions and deportations, and a demonstrated system for verifying the immigration status of all employees before any other provisions can go into effect?

21. Use of detainees to help build border security infrastructure?

22. Dual citizenship and dual allegiance?

23. Free schooling for Mexican children in American schools near the borders?

24. Restrictions on display of foreign flags at other than foreign embassies and consulates except by permit?

25. Restrictions on street demonstrations by illegals?

26. A reinterpretation or modification of the 14th amendment to end its abuse?

27. Limiting automatic jus soli citizenship to children who have at least one parent who is a citizen?

28. A stringent requirement for fluency in the English language before a pathway to citizenship can be allowed?

29. Mandatory registration of all aliens?

30. A new alien and sedition act to cover illegal aliens and their fellow travelers?

31. A provision that classifies all border violations by repeat offenders as felonies?

32. A provision that holds those who aid and abet border violators accountable?

33. A provision that enables local communities to enact measures to help enforce immigration laws?

34. A. requirement that local police and sheriffs offices determine the immigration status of any one apprehended for other law violations and hold any illegals until ICE takes custody?

35. A provision to permit local jurisdictions to charge illegals with criminal trespass?

36. Full enforcement of zoning regulations regarding occupancy rates in private residences?

37. A wage rate at the American standard for all foreign workers who qualify for legal status?

38. Prosecution for unfair competition for employers who fail to pay foreign workers at the American standard wage?

39. A five year jail term for anyone registering to vote using fraudulent documents?

40. A five year jail term for anyone permitting or encouraging false voter registration?

41. A regular audit of voter registration roles in areas of where there are large numbers of foreign workers to determine the extent of irregularities and permit the prosecution of those responsible?

42. Higher standards for citizenship by naturalization?

42. A national goal and plan to achieve a stable population?

43. Roy Beck as Executive Director of the INS?

44. A limit on the deductions for exemptions for dependent children to two per couple?

45. No cross border permits for work commuters?

46. Repeal of NAFTA?

47. Only American tractors on American highways; foreign trailers to be unhitched and inspected at the border?

48. A five year jail term for anyone convicted of renting, selling or forging fraudulent immigration documents such as passports, green cards, social security cards, drivers licenses or any other such documents?

49. A two year jail term for anyone who uses a fraudulent document or social security number to gain employment or achieve entry into the U.S.?

50. A ten year jail term for identity theft or attempted bribery of a federal agent?

51. Turning the apprehension and deportation job over to private enterprise with all costs recovered and a reasonable profit from the illegals, their families and/or their employers?

52. The North American Union

53. Some form of amnesty for illegal aliens already living in the U.S.?

54. Reduce federal aid to cities that proclaim that they are sanctuary cities?

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