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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

IDs --The Way Forward

This is the fourth topic under the general heading of “The Way Forward.”

All green cards and other flimsy or easily counterfeited documents will be declared invalid. The current holders of such documents will be allowed only six weeks in which to obtain a new machine-readable, biometric ID with a clear photo and thumb print and such other information as may be relevant to their tamper-proof identification as a legal guest worker. The ID will specify the type of work the guest worker is authorized to do. Employers who hire them for other types of work will be prosecuted to the full limit of the law. Issuance of IDs to agricultural workers will be given priority to avoid any impact on the harvesting of crops on a timely basis.

IDs for other types of work will be issued only where the need can be amply demonstrated and where all agricultural needs have been met.

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